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Mike * Samystick I get it, thanks Samystick
2016-09-08 08:02 · Reply · (1)
* Samystick * Mike You're Welcome!....
2016-09-08 08:02 · Reply · (0)
Olumide * Samystick This is my thread and mine alone.. Back off... So admin please I need menu code
2016-09-08 21:48 · Reply · (1)
* Samystick * Olumide Hmmm... Guy u no want interference with this ur thread (laughs).
Ok here's menu code, change the classes for the div with ur own if u want,
<div class="name"><div style="background-image: url(''); background-position:right center; background-repeat:no-repeat;"><b style="color:black">SITE MENU</b></div></div><div class="zxfourborder" align="left"><img src="" height="15" width="15"/><a href="/forum"><font color="blue">FORUM</font></a></div><div class="zxfourborder"><img src="" height="" width=""/><a href="/apps"><font color="blue">JAVA APPLICATION</font></a></div><div class="zxfourborder"><img src="" height="20" width="20"/><a href="/javagames"><font color="blue">JAVA GAMES</font></a></div><div class="zxfourborder"><img src="" height="" width=""/><a href="/video"><font color="blue"> VIDEO</font></a></div><div class="zxfourborder"><img src="" height="" width=""/><a href="/music"><font color="blue"> MUSIC</font></a></div><div class="zxfourborder"><img src=""" height="" width=""/><a href="/blog"><font color="blue">BLOG</font></a></div><div class="zxfourborder"><img src="
Pix/Icon/Lyrics.png" height="" width=""/><a href="/chatroom"><font color="blue">CHATROOM</font></a></div><div class="zxfourborder"><img src="" height="" width=""/><a href="/logo"><font color="blue">OTHER LOGO CREATOR</font></a></div><div class="zxfourborder"><img src="" height="" width=""/><a href="/screenshot"><font color="blue">ONLINE SCREENSHOT TAKER</font></a></div><div class="zxfourborder"><img src="" height="" width=""/><a href="/2gobooster"><font color="blue">2GO STAR BOOSTER</font></a></div><div class="zxfourborder"><img src="" height="" width=""/><a href="guestbook"><font color="blue">GUESTBOOK</font></a><font color="red"><b></b></font></div><div class="zxfourborder"><img src="" height="" width=""/><a href="/partner"><font color="blue">PARTNERS</font></a></div>

Copy code
2016-09-09 09:04 · Reply · (0)
Olumide * Samystick Thanks... Give me your site category page or link
2016-09-09 09:58 · Reply · (1)
* Samystick * Olumide Yeah, here's the code for the games category:
Change the links for the games and div classes with ur own:
<div class="c"><div class="header" style="font-weight: bold; text-align: center;">- JAVA GAMES -</div></div><div class="list2" style="margin-top: 0"><div class="list2"><img src="" alt=">" /><a style="color: blue; font-weight: bold;" href=""> Search Java Games</a></div><div class="list2"><img src="" alt=" " /><a style="color: blue; font-weight: bold;" href="">Java Games 128 x 128</a></div><div class="list2"><img src="" alt=" " /><a style="color: blue; font-weight: bold;" href="">Java Games 128 x 160</a></div><div class="list2"><img src="" alt=" " /><a style="color: blue; font-weight: bold;" href="">Java Games 176 x 208</a></div><div class="list2"><img src="" alt=" " /><a style="color: blue; font-weight: bold;" href="">Java Games 176 x 220</a></div><div class="list2"><img src="" alt=" " /><a style="color: blue; font-weight: bold;" href="">Java Games 208 x 208</a></div><div class="list2"><img src="" alt=" " /><a style="color: blue; font-weight: bold;" href="">Java Games 240 x 320</a></div><div class="list2"><img src="" alt=" " /><a style="color: blue; font-weight: bold;" href="">Java Games 320 x 240</a></div><div class="list2"><img src="" alt=" " /><a style="color: blue; font-weight: bold;" href="">Java Games 360 x 640</a></div></div><div class="list2"><div class="tmn" style="font-weight: bold; color: white;">- FOR SAMSUNG -</div></div><div class="list2"><div class="list2"><img src="" alt=" " /> <a style="color: blue; font-weight: bold;" href="">128 x 128 Java Games</a></div><div class="list2"><img src="" alt=" " /><a style="color: blue; font-weight: bold;" href="">128 x 160 Java Games</a></div><div class="list2"><img src="" alt=" " /><a style="color: blue; font-weight: bold;" href="">176 x 220 Java Games</a></div><div class="list2"><img src="" alt=" " /><a style="color: blue; font-weight: bold;" href="">240 x 320 Java Games</a></div></div>
Copy code
2016-09-09 10:59 · Reply · (0)
* Samystick * Olumide My games site category page/link is
2016-09-09 11:00 · Reply · (0)
Olumide * Samystick You see, I have problems with all this div class of a thing, what does it even means and what am I suppose to replace it with?
2016-09-09 12:54 · Reply · (0)
* Samystick * Olumide
In this code <div class=""> contents </div>
Note that bold one, it means the class of the div ur using. Between the double quotes (" "), you will put a name of a class created in the css u are using.
If u go to the css u are using in ur page, u will see something like
.header {
color : #ff0000;
thats ur class with the name header. So whe u write the code like this,
<div [b]class="header">Header</div>,
It means that that text header between the opening and closing div will have red color.
Do you understand what div class is now?
2016-09-09 17:40 (edited 2016-09-09 17:53 by Samystick ) · Reply · (0)
Olumide * Samystick Boss please give me the category of java games, symbian games, android games.. Etc
2016-09-09 18:18 · Reply · (0)

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