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* DeJoemasco What is filelist?
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* Samystick * DeJoemasco 1. FILELIST :
Filelist function is used for listing files that you want to set for download. The files are contained in a partiular folder.
That is if u hav a folder containing files that u want people to download, u use filelist to list out the files for downloading.
2. To add filelist through xtgem building tool,
+ Click Add block on the page you are working on,
+ Scroll down under Advanced, click Advanced
+ Click Filelist
3. To add filelist through html code, write it like this:
filter="" / >

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Basic Filelist Functions :
Sort Files by:
+ Last modified date
+ Name
+ Type
Sort Direction:
your sort direction could be,
+ Ascending or
+ Descending
Select the folder containing the files you want to list
Per Page:
Select the number of files you want to display in a page before going to the next page.
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