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* Samystick * Olumide I hav already thought u about d filelist and i hope u understand? Now i'm to teach u about the things inside " " as in template=" " okay,
1. Template is used to arrange how the files in ur folder will view using html code. Instead of listing the files, you use template to manipulate them into divs or table etc.
2. There are some characters used, they are
&lt; - which means less than (< )
&gt;- means greater than ( > )
.file_name_parsed. - this show the name of d file with underscores ( _ ) converted to spaces,
.file_size. - this shows size of file
.file_mime. - this returns file mime of the file e.g: image/png
So what i created inside the template is a table which u beautify using ur div classes. The table allows u to put a constant image at the left column and a little information about the file with the download link in the right column.
3. In the Download Now link, there is a code looks like this:

This means that when u click the red "Download Now" link, it will lead you to the download page u created directly in you file browser and the code u pasted in the download page will collect the informations about the file and also provide the actual download link for the file.
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