Old school Easter eggs.
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* Tuzer * Samystick you mean ur stylesheet?
or design which?
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* Samystick * Tuzer Yeah both of them!!
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* Tuzer * Samystick kk..I should change my style sheet
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* Samystick * Tuzer yes of course!!
2016-11-06 07:37 · Reply · (0)
* Tuzer * Samystick right away sir..Buh give me a nice style sheet
2016-11-06 07:40 · Reply · (0)
* Tuzer * Tuzer which style sheet should I use. reply please
2016-11-06 08:02 · Reply · (0)
* Samystick * Tuzer Alright giv me two to three days and i will create a stylesheet for you.
2016-11-06 09:04 · Reply · (0)
* Tuzer * Samystick kk create a nice one
2016-11-06 10:17 · Reply · (0)
* Tuzer * Samystick I need your java games search codes
2016-11-07 05:20 · Reply · (0)
* Samystick * Tuzer
Here's the code, copy and paste it. Then set everything in d center and put your games folders
# Create the search form
print <div class="xt_search_form"><form action='<xt:url />#xt_search_form' method="get">
# Create the search text input field
get srch
print <div class="CLASS"><input type="search" name="srch" value="$srch" /></div>
get_or_default fldr;Games/
var $chk = checked="checked"
var $fltyp1= 128x128
var $fltyp2= 128x160
var $fltyp3= 176x208
var $fltyp4= 176x220
var $fltyp5= 208x208
var $fltyp6= 240x320
var $fltyp7= 320x240
var $fltyp8= 360x640
if $fldr == Games/128x128
var $chk1=$chk
var $fltyp= $fltyp1
elseif $fldr == Games/128x160
var $chk2 = $chk
var $fltyp = $fltyp2
elseif $fldr == Games/176x208
var $chk3 = $chk
var $fltyp= $fltyp3
elseif $fldr == Games/176x220
var $chk4 = $chk
var $fltyp= $fltyp4
elseif $fldr == Games/208x208
var $chk5 = $chk
var $fltyp= $fltyp5
elseif $fldr == Games/240x320
var $chk6 = $chk
var $fltyp = $fltyp6
elseif $fldr == Games/320x240
var $chk7 = $chk
var $fltyp = $fltyp7
elseif $fldr == Games/360x640
var $chk8 = $chk
var $fltyp = $fltyp8
# Create the selected folder radio buttons 
# add more buttons or set your own values if required
print <div class="CLASS">
print $fltyp1 <input type="radio" name="fldr" value="Games/128x128" $chk1/>
print  $fltyp2 <input type="radio" name="fldr" value="Games/128x160" $chk2/>
print  $fltyp3<input type="radio" name="fldr" value="Games/176x208" $chk3/>
print $fltyp4 <input type="radio" name="fldr" value="Games/176x220" $chk4/>
print $fltyp5 <input type="radio" name="fldr" value="Games/208x208" $chk5/>
print  $fltyp6 <input type="radio" name="fldr" value="Games/240x320" $chk6/>
print  $fltyp7 <input type="radio" name="fldr" value="Games/320x240" $chk7/>
print  $fltyp2 <input type="radio" name="fldr" value="Games/360x640" $chk8/>
print </div>
# This re-selects the last sort type and direction
# the names and variables must match the ones used in the radio buttons
get_or_default typ;name
get_or_default dir;asc
if $typ == name
var $chk4 =$chk
elseif $typ== size
var $chk5= $chk
if $dir == asc
var $chk6 =$chk
elseif $dir== desc
var $chk7= $chk
# Create the sort type and direction radio buttons 
print <div class="CLASS">
print Name <input type="radio" name="typ" value="name" $chk4/>
print  Size <input type="radio" name="typ" value="size" $chk5/>
print  Asc <input type="radio" name="dir" value="asc" $chk6/>
print  Desc <input type="radio" name="dir" value="desc" $chk7/>
print </div>
# This re-selects the last selected results per page
# the names and variables must match the ones used in the select menu
var $slct= selected="selected"
get_or_default per_page;0
if $per_page == 3
var $slct1 =$slct
elseif $per_page== 5
var $slct2= $slct
elseif $per_page == 10
var $slct3= $slct
elseif $per_page == 0
var $slct4= $slct
# Create the per page select menu
print <div class="just">
print Per Page <select name="per_page">
print <option value="3" $slct1>3</option>
print <option value="5" $slct2>5</option>
print <option value="10" $slct3>10</option>
print <option value="0" $slct4>All</option>
print </select>
print </div>
# Add the submit button and close the search form
print <div class="just"><input style="background: green; color: white; font-weight:bold" class="xt_button" type="submit" value="SEARCH" /></div></form></div>
# Start the results output container
# No search pattern so output the default html and exit the script
var $exists=call strlen $val=$srch
if not $exists
print <div class="xt_item"><span class="xt_text normal"> Search My Files</span></div>
goto @end
# Create the filelist template for the search results
# Must be all on one line
var $template=&lt;div class='res'&gt;&lt;div class='list2'&gt;&lt;table width='100%'&gt;&lt;tr&gt;&lt;td width='20%' class='c' align='center'&gt;&lt;img src='http://samystick.xtgem.com/Pics/Menu-icons1/Java-games.png' width='50' height='50'&gt;&lt;/td&gt;&lt;td width='80%' align='left' class='CLASS'&gt;&lt;img src='http://weezywap.xtgem.com/images/rating.gif'/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;b&gt;NAME : &lt;/b&gt;&lt;b style='color:blue'&gt;.file_name_base_parsed.&lt;/b&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;b&gt;SIZE : &lt;/b&gt;&lt;b style='color:green'&gt;.file_size.&lt;/b&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;b&gt;LINK : &lt;/b&gt;&lt;a href='/download?file=.file_name.&name=.file_name_parsed.&category=.file_mime.&size=.file_size.&href=.file_url.&date=.file_date.&time=.file_time.'&gt;&lt;b style='color:red'&gt;DOWNLOAD&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;&lt;/table&gt;&lt;/div&gt;&lt;hr style='border: 1px solid red' /&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
# convert reserved characters
var $template=call htmlspecialchars $val=$template
# Note: If all your search files have file-extensions (.mp3 .png etc.) set the filter to $srch*.* 
# This will filter out all files without extensions (ie: index)
# Get the search results using $srch* in the xt:filelist filter 
var $results = <xt:filelist sort_type="$typ" sort_dir="$dir"  folder="/$fldr" template="$template" per_page="$per_page" filter="$srch*.*" />
# No results so output the default html for no search results and exit the script
if not $results
print <div class="xt_item"><span class="xt_text normal">No results for $srch in $fltyp</span></div>
goto @end
# Output the results
print <h4 class="xt_item" style="text-align:center">$fltyp results for "$srch"</h4>
print $results
# Close the results output container
print </div>

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