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* Samystick * Anthoniho Alrit, after loggin 2 ur xtgem acct, d next page is ur Account Panel. There on top, u will see Your Subscriptions: which shows d sites u subscribed 2, below u have Quick Posts: for posting text,videos etc 2 ur blog quickly, then below u have Inbox: for messages sent 2 u nd Content Feeds: which shows blog posts in d sites u subscribed 2, then u will see Your Sites: showing d sites u create and a box showing hw many subscribe to ur site and a link "Build": which leads u 2ur site panel 4 building of ur site, below u have Subscribtions: 4 d sites u subscribed 2, Profile Settings: for updating ur profile, Change Account Password: 4 changing ur xtgem acct passwrd, Change Account E-mail: 4 changing ur xtgem acct e-mail. There are also flags below 4 translations.
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