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* Samystick * Drove Do the normal blog settings you do for 'whats on your mind' 1st At your homepage and add this code, and put the visibility in admin mode
<form method='post' action='blog_1.xhtml'>Image Url<br/><input type='text' name='blog_title'/><br/>Topic url And description<br/><textarea name='blog_body' rows='5'></textarea>:admin-hash-input:<input type='hidden' name='fnc' value='new'/><br/><input type='submit' name='submit' value='Tag Topic'/></form>
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Now where you want the post to show, put this code
:bloglist:l=18,o=n,t=--::<table><tr><td><img src='%title%' height='45' width='45'/></td><td>%text%</td></tr></table>::<br/>:/bloglist:
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